Saturday, 28 May 2011


One week to go before I open the door to my little house and shed studio as part of the Cheltenham Open Studios event starting on Saturday June 4th. Sharon McSwiney, Stephen End and I are joining forces to put together an intimate exhibition at my house.
As part of the show there will be examples of my latest collagraphs.

Sharon will have decorative wall pieces in copper and brass, including her latest leafy designs and abstract textured plaques. Stephen is showing contemporary hand built raku vessels.

I will also have some of my latest enamel creations available.

I am opening the doors at 11am on Saturday morning and the exhibition continues through to Sunday 12th June. Check out the web sight for more details about other interesting studios to look around in Cheltenham that week.

Thursday, 26 May 2011


So what exactly is happening here? Colour? For those of you familiar with my work
these collagraphs are a departure from my usual style.
Tile cement and carborundum enhanced with blended rubs have produced

these subtle neutral greys and flashes of pure colour.

This colour is exploding into the enamel work too.
It is all so liberating, why have I never done it before?

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


About this time 2 years ago I was contemplating starting a blog, my first post was about the Cheltenham Open Studio event that I and my friends were about to take part in.

So 2 years on here I am again getting ready for Cheltenhams bi-annual artistic frenzy.

This time I am getting together with metal work artist and chum Sharon McSwiney and ceramicist and chum Stephen End. I will be showing collagraphs and there will be a number of enamels available.

We will be snugly fitting into my front room and a short walk through the garden will offer a snoop into my studio. All this takes place in Cheltenham, 4-12 June and we are inviting everyone to our preview evening 2 June 6-9pm.

Sunday, 8 May 2011


Thankyou to everyone who took the time to come up with a suggestion for the dome.

I agree with Sarah that the dome creates separation and anything in it will feel special. Jane's idea of painting the dome black to give the impression that the moths are flying out of darkness has a lovely Gothic feel, that's if Gothic and lovely really go together. Sharon's idea for a contrasting, brightly coloured moth works, as does Wendy's moth predator. Narrative will play a large part in what I want to make next.

Other ideas have been suggested to me, a carriage clock although I think that person watches too much Antiques Road Show. A stuffed bird, a dead bird with it's legs in the air. Cruel and not what I would really do, but a fluttering trapped moth has appeal, if I was technically adept a projection of a flying moth would be very clever.

You have all got me thinking and trust me a bare light bulb has not been ruled out as I had already bought a bulb with a curly filament from Baileys last year when I started making the moths. But Lesley's alternative light source using reflective surfaces or glow worms has set me off in a different direction.

As you can see I made 2 moths and drew out 2 names from the up turned dome just after 8pm, so congratulations Wendy and Lesley the moths will be winging their way to you later in the week.

Thankyou everyone.

Friday, 6 May 2011


So I have at last put together an object, this is feeling focused and less experimental.
The steel moths are spot welded together, I have sand blasted some of the enamel off and left

a few moths enamel free. But what would you put in the dome or is less more? I have decided to give a single enamelled moth to the person whose suggestion has possibilities. To make it fair I will pull names out of a hat. I will do the draw on Sunday 8th May at 8pm British summer time.