Tuesday, 14 December 2021


Same Sea, Different Boat was started in Mid May 2020 to give a creative voice to our lock down lives. It has come along way with nearly 600 printed/stitched squares stitched into a quilt straddling 7 panels. It has become a social documentation of our shared experiences...and of course this pandemic has not gone away, it is still effecting our day to day lives. 
It is now time to draw the project to a close and finish off panel 7. If you have a printed square waiting to be stitched, send the finished piece to me or a least get it in the post 
by Christmas Eve.
Cath and I will be putting quilt 7 together in January.
I am sorry, but I cannot print anymore collagraph squares, so if you still want to be included get a stitched piece in the post to:-
the yard:ARTspace,
Upper Bath Street,
Cheltenham. GL50 2AU
Same Sea, Different Boat started it's voyage at the Museum in the Park, Stroud this time last year in 2020 and you will be able to see it again in September 2022 in the main exhibition space of the museum.
The Harley Gallery, Nottinghamshire displayed 5 panels between May and August 2021.
In September it appeared as part of Cheltenham Open Studios at the newly refurbished church, St Philips and St James Church .
It will now continue it's exhibition journey in January going to Salisbury Arts Centre, January 11 to the beginning of March 2022.
The project has been featured in a number of publications, from quilt and printing magazines to the WOW Book and Cas Holmes latest publication, Stitching the Everyday.
Louise and I briefly talked about the project on Women's Hour in the first lock down.
Thank you to all of you who are part of this beautiful piece of work and for your support donating towards it.
This project is not in anyway about profit and has not been funded. All the work putting this art work together has been completely voluntary. Thanks to Louise Asher from Hope & Elivis, Liske Johnson from Little Heath Barn Studios and textile artist Cath Kingzett for all the hard work putting this massive project together.
Keep an eye on my Instagram feed sb.brown21 for the latest updates and exhibition dates as and when they are secured.
A huge thank you to everyone for making this simple idea such a moving and beautiful documentation of social history.

Monday, 24 August 2020


Same Sea, Different Boat was started in Mid May to give a creative voice to our lock down lives. It has come along way with over 400 printed/stitched squares stitched into a quilt straddling 5 panels. It has become a social documentation of our shared experiences...and of course this pandemic has not gone away, it is still effecting our day to day lives. With this in mind, Lousie, Liske and I have created spaces in the quilt for more of you to join in. How to become part of the bigger picture is outlined below.

Thank you to all of you who are part of this beautiful piece of work and for your support donating towards it.
This project is not in any way about profit and is not funded. All the work putting this art work together has been completely voluntary. To help towards material costs please make a small donation i.e £3, this is by no means compulsory to take part in the project: 
This can be done by sending a £3 cheque made payable to S. Brown with your plate or embroidered square or email me for BACs details. sb.brown@talk21.com
the yard:ARTspaceHope & Elvis and Littleheath Barn Studio are proud to present a collaborative project which celebrates our creativity in a time of unexpected crisis.

It has been hard to find our creativity during lock down; we are all in the same sea but not necessarily the same boat!  We have all experienced the Covid pandemic in very different ways and Sue, Louise and Liske want to invite you to take part in an exciting combined project.

We have created a printed/stitched fabric quilt that explores your individual experiences, thoughts & emotions collectively about your time in lock down.

Become part of a bigger picture. 

Your contribution will be added to this amazing quilt, which will showcase beautifully your individual response to the global pandemic. The final piece will be displayed in various locations (dates and locations TBA) 

 The Project

·         Make a simple collagraph plate, 10cms x 10cms, using the instructions found HERE in a later blog post. These instructions have been put together especially for those who have never made a collagraph plate before. Express your lock down experience, figuratively or as an abstract using the suggested techniques.

      Put your name, address and email on the back of the completed collagraph plate and together with a SAE post it to:-

Sue Brown, the yard:ARTspace, Upper Bath Street, Cheltenham, GL50 2BA

 There is now an open ended deadline due to the popularity of the project, but please email me at sb.brown@talk21.com if you intend to take part. When I get your collagraph plate, it will be inked up and printed on fabric in Prussian Blue. As much as I would like to print you a separate copy of your collagraph, I am getting lots of plates to print for the project...!! Your plate will be returned in your SAE for you to print again later.

The fabric print will be sent back to you for stitching and embellishing in your provided SAE.

 Return finished square to Sue at the yard:ARTspace. When your square arrives Louise, Liske and Sue will add it to the quilt.


·         Create a stitched, collage using only natural fabrics, embroider hand or machine as much as you like, expressing your lock down experience, figuratively or as an abstract.

·         Please make the image size 10cm x 10cm on a piece of fabric 15cm x 15cm so it will fit the other squares to make the quilt.

·         Send your completed square to Sue at the yard:ARTspace, address above, and Louise, Liske and Sue will add it to the quilt.  

If you would like to take part could you please 

e-mail me, sb.brown@talk21.com as soon as possible so we know how many collagraph plates and stitched squares to expect?   


Thank you and we look forward to receiving your collagraph plate or stitched square and being part of abigger picture. 


Sunday, 23 August 2020


It is so good to be back! The 14 August saw the first workshop at the yard:ARTspace, Cheltenham since March.
Every precaution was taken, cleaning, 
creating space and reducing the numbers of participants.
I hope I kept the spirit of the yard with an inspiring display of work.
A new edition is my favourite new thing, the Events Canopy. Set up in the yard itself creating a usable out door space.
Then we were set for 3 days of creating exciting sketch book pages.
Resists with embossing powder, oil pastel mono printing,
ink, bleach and of course
my statement technique
gum arabic transfer printing.
Over 3 days beautiful pages emerged
In a relaxed atmosphere.
The thing I really like about this workshop is sending people away with potential. It is ambitious to think you can finish a book in 3 days, but with the techniques learnt, there is scope to experiment at home.
I am very grateful to the people who came to the yard:ARTspace after such a break. The weekend was full of creativity, energy and fun.
The next Sketch Book Master class is in November, but there is only one place left.
But the yard:ARTspace, Cheltenham has lots of workshops and courses available check out www.theyardartspace.com for all the details.

I look forward to seeing you.

Saturday, 18 July 2020


The deadline has been postponed as the lockdown continues. But for those of you who have one ready, but due to one thing or another have not posted it yet, we are leaving room in the quilt for squares coming in their own time.
I thought I would let you see how Louise, Liske and I will be putting the quilt together.
We have had over 400 gorgeous art works sent, so a great big thank you for joining in.
I start work with a coffee, crucial in my opinion.
The squares then need to be trimmed and
finger pressed into a square.
I use this right angle drawn onto stiffening to help with folding, then tack the fabric in place.
We are using this inky dark blue as the quilt backing. Each panel will have 80 pieces and the grid is made up of 11.5cm squares
The fun bit is definitely laying out the little works of art.
I am thrilled with how this diverse collection of images and techniques are working so well together.
I then tack each square on firmly ready to machine hem onto the backing.
With everything tacked on, this is what a 80 square panel will look like and we have another 4 of these.
This quilt really tells the story of individual experiences in this shared situation, all so different, many very emotional. I have been moved by the accompanying messages. Thank you also for the encouragement and good wishes.
I will be documenting my progress on this project on my Instagram feed, you can also follow the #sameseadifferentboat where other posts about the quilt will pop up.

A big thank you to Catherine Kingzett for her technical know how and moral support while constructing this massive and exciting project.

Saturday, 27 June 2020


We all know how weird its been. Time has passed at a very strange pace and we all think that we haven't done that much in the last 3 months. 
So now is a good time to take stock and look at exactly what we have all been up to. 
I don't mean a tidy up or a sort out. I am also not counting cake making, new recipes and the shampooing of my lounge rug and the cleaning behind my fridge in this audit.
I have laid out the last month and a halves worth of stuff made, experiments tried and half completed ideas.
Lets kick off with the brilliant project started off by Catherine Kingzett at the beginning of lock down. The Alphabet I-Spy. The task of recording things seen on that regular walk or in the garden in alphabetical order. I loved doing that, I do have X, Y and Z to do, but it was a motivational little project that kept me going. I dipped into an emotional response here and there, particularly my V for virus, but otherwise I have seen everything I have put in my samples. I will be making a small book which will become a Lock Down Artifact.
I have added to my Eco printed crow book and used the drawings for collagraph plates. 
I have also experimented with printing these collagraphs onto fabric...there has been a great deal of that lately!!
You may remember one of my first prompts was to have a go at Eco Printing, this left me with lots of lovely papers and fabrics. I have been using the paper to print collagraphs and
etchings. Keep an eye out for this in workshop form next year. I think you could try this at the yard:ARTspace
I dipped into other peoples workshops and tutorials, finding a free workshop call Sketch Book Revival. This was very early on in lock down.
I was thrilled with the junk journal I made and have been
drawing my garden in it...I have more plans for it later on.
At a very loose end one Sunday I gathered my fabric samples together, eco prints, gum arabic transfers on fabric, collaged panels, collagraphs and cyanotypes on fabric and...well...just made a skirt. I love wearing it, it makes me feel very arty!
In between all this experimenting I have still been moved to make collagraphs and have been expanding on my birds with haberdashery series. This has not been a time for me to go off on a completely new way of working. I have had to stay with the familiar and comforting.
And now there is the Same Sea, Different Boat project where I have printed over 200 collagraphs and together with Louise Asher and Liske Johnson and a few other willing bodies will be creating a Lock Down Quilt describing the experience we have all been through.
That's what this experience has made me do!!

When I woke up this morning I was feeling lack luster, that feeling that over the past 3 months I had not achieved very much. This time of lock down was not meant to be about achieving, it was not the time to take on new skills, spring clean or read War and Peace. We do those things when we feel happy and secure.
So I have looked at the things I have done here, not what I could have, should have done.
Looking back at what I have explored and what I am about to take on, also looking forward to starting classes again in August (I hope)
I think perhaps I am being hard on myself?