Sunday, 1 March 2015


March 1st, St Davids day and the first day of spring.
With the sun shining the door was flung open at the yard:ARTspace for the local community and interested creatives to come and look around.
The corks were ready to pop.
There was lots to look at and be inspired by. Creative sketch books. There is 1 place left on this workshop on March 7-8, short notice I know, but contact me if you would like the place.
Christine Waygoods textiles. Christine is showing at Cheltenham Open Studios at Commercial Street this year and her first Felt Making Workshop is on May 9 at the yard.
I created a small display to explain exactly what collagraph is. There are places on the current workshops, but the 10 week courses in the summer term are filling up fast.
The artists involved with the yard:ARTspace making it a creative and inspiring place to be.
the yard is thrilled to be hosting a series of painting workshops in using water-mixable oils with artist Louise Millin Inchley. Louise is also taking part in Cheltenham Open Studios in the local area.
Dinny Pocock is exhibiting her mixed media sculptural objects at the yard for COS and will be running a Bobbin Robin needle felt workshop in November as part of Create for Christmas.
Lorna Prudden is exhibiting her glass work in this space at COS and has agreed to run a glass workshop as part of the Create for Christmas program.
And Jane Sasanow is part of the Open Studio trio at the yard and will be running an artists book making workshop October 3-4.
From 3pm to 5pm people came
to see what was happening at the yard.
It is hard to photograph an event like 
this, especially when most people are looking at things
and the rooms are so crowded, but Toby Brown did a marvelous job. The afternoon was not sunny, so thankyou to everyone who came out in the foul weather to support us.
If you missed this event and would like to see what is happening at the yard:ARTspace the door will always be open and the kettle hot between 2-5pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Come and have a look, discuss a suitable workshop or course, or just pop in for some inspiration and to see what the printmakers, artists and makers are up to in the yard.
For workshop details

Tuesday, 24 February 2015


You are warmly invited to come and meet the artists involved with the development of the yard:ARTspace. See what the yard can offer you in your creative journey, a course or a workshop, artistic support or a place to get a little inspiration from.
I am exhibiting some enamel pieces.

You can meet Louise Millin Inchley who will be running a workshop in painting with water-mixable oils,
18-19 April
Christine Waygood will be delivering a felt making workshop at the yard:ARTspace, 9th May.
Lorna Prudden is showing her glass as part of Cheltenham Open Studio in the yard:ARTspace
Jane Sasanow is showing her work as part of Cheltenham Open Studio and delivering a book arts workshop in October in the yard:ARTspace
Dinny Pocock is showing her work as part of Cheltenham Open Studio in the yard:ARTspace and will be running a needle felt, Robin on a Bobbin workshop in November.
So lets cREAte.ART come and talk to these artists on Sunday or go to for further information about courses, workshops and events at the yard:ARTspace, Cheltenham.

Saturday, 21 February 2015


So I have had a break from classes this week and have found plenty to fill the gap.
I am still full on editioning, it has been lovely to come across images I haven't seen for awhile.
I may have made the plate and not taken many prints from it.
Having made a print a month I may have just pulled a couple from the plate then gone on to the next image.
Lucky me, I still have the shed to work in so I can spread out my work to add the colour,
 then sign and number each print. The shed is still my working studio although the lovely Mr Brown has been making moving in noises!!
Meanwhile back at the enamel project for the Museum in the Park, Stroud
I have been making Gum Arabic transfers on labels of domestic machinery to juxtapose with the 
images of women working on factory machines.
The Museum has put together a great web page describing the project  The pressure is on as this piece will be installed on the 2nd March.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

It has been an amazing few months, from signing the lease for the yard at the end of October to this half term break in the first term of my 10 week printmaking classes.
Looking back the yard has come along way, from this
to this.
From shell to
a hive of printmaking activity.
Thanks to the help of Friends and family I have a lovely studio to work in and to share
with other creative people.
Come and see what is going on at the yard on a Tuesday or Thursday, 2-5pm in term times, have a cuppa and a creative chat.
Come and have a look around and meet the artists involved in the yard at the Come and see event on the 1st March.
Find out all about the yard:ARTspace, Cheltenham by checking out the new website have a look and see how you can get involved at the yard.

Friday, 13 February 2015


It is half term already, but before my 10 week printmaking course has a well earned week off, we tackled one more technique. Mono printing.
The plan this term has been to make collagraph prints that can then be embellished with mono printed details.
Making cut card shapes, inking them and laying them on paper builds up dynamic images in a low tech way.
Often we have a variety of printed images that have not quite worked for one reason or another.
By over printing using card shapes or textured wall paper, compositions
can be softened, developed and
graphic elements can be added giving 
the work a new lease of life.
This is a collagraph with a card bird added and a variety of wall paper textures added in vermillion and silver has more interest and form than the original sample print.
Mono printing can be seen as drawing in print.
My 3 Wednesday groups produce beautiful
results working their way through a pile of what they considered as reject prints making new and exciting work or
producing new work from scratch.