Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Last year I participated in the Crafts Council scheme Hothouse 4.Hothouse is a six month business and creative development programme for emerging  craft makers and I was part of the Midland Cohort. It was there that I met a set of creative and inspiring makers. In order to continue our learning experience we decided to exhibit together and secured exhibition space at the New Brewery Arts, Cirencester 

Thus emerged The Gathering of 9 makers all working diversely, enthusiastically and with passion.
Louisa Finch has made these gorgeous glass pieces responding 
to her local landscape.
Beautifully displayed, the under lighting bringing out the textures and colours. 
Brittany Delany combines porcelain and leatherBrittany explores the translucent quality and fragile effects that can be produced through the use of porcelain.
 Taking shape and form as a starting point she creates functional vessels and tableware considering simplicity alongside complexity.
Sarah Brown combines drawing with fused glass techniques.
Sarah creates illustrations inspired by everyday life for architectural applications, most specifically in glass and vinyl. 
She enjoys adapting techniques from different disciplines to apply to various materials, this allows her drawings to create more of an impact and be used for a variety of applications.
Theo Wright has produced this work with Arts Council Funding
Permutations is a collection of handwoven artworks for interior display inspired by mathematical 
ideas of permutations and combinations. 
As part of Theos contribution to the exhibition he has produced an interactive design game and a video of his working process. Both give insight into his making processes.
Julia Jowett produces work that taps into our fantasy worlds.
Delighting in meticulous detail, her illustrative textile practice explores the importance of storytelling and imagination. 
Julia draws with wire, pencil and embroidery, 
intricately working dense areas of needlepoint stitch over manipulated wire lines.
Katharina Klug makes porcelain pieces inspired by design and shape.
Intense colours and graphic mark making are the key elements to this beautiful work.
Moth Experiments, made especially with The Gathering in mind, is an installation of lamps inspired by our irrational fear of moths flying around light bulbs.
Spot welded steel shapes are enamelled and screen printed transfers are added.
These are then hung on retort stands.
Each lamp has a small label, this one refers to Hilary's work, she gave me a set of transfers from the now closed Spode factory, loosely linking my work with hers.
Hilary Mayo has made these ceramic pieces especially for the exhibition.
Hilary made an entirely new body of work  about the demise of the potteries, 
and inspired by the derelict Spode factory 
and old mould stores in Stoke on Trent, Hilary has produced a series of delicate and evocative pieces.
Katharina Eisenkoeck  is a designer maker whose practice involves furniture and product making with a sculptural 
simplicity and functionality influenced through the distinct use of materials.

This exhibition has been sympathetically curated by New Brewery Arts and shows the very best examples of work made by contemporary artist/makers. I have been very lucky to be part of this inspiring group and fortunate to have been able to draw them together to put on this delicious exhibition.
You have until July 11 to see this work, it is a one off.

Monday, 22 June 2015


You have just missed Cheltenham Open Studios 2015, but I know that some of you are not local,
so this is a comprehensive post about my bit of the event.
I started off 3 weeks ago putting up a taster show of various artists involved with COS15 with the help of Louise Millin Inchley in the Dodwells window on the Bath Road. Thank you Dodwells for your support.
Then with everything ready we were off.
A trip through the garden bought everyone to the shed.
Passing these beauties
on the way.
The shed was full of collagraphs
 and enamels together 
with the tools of my trade, my precious sketchbooks.
The garden had other visitors this week,
not necessarily interested in the art. 
But fascinating to see.
Meet fake Frank who wanted to see what was happening, he looks like our cat,
but the real Frank was more sociable and loved the visitors,
as did Iris.
From the garden, into the house, for collagraphs, 
and the gorgeous work of jewellery and metal work artist Sharon McSwiney.
Sharon was wonderful at explaining her techniques, 
when not distracted by Iris.
She bought a taste of Cornwall to the show with her limpet jewellery and
shares my love of birds with her metal work pieces.
There was lots of nature in the lounge, I enjoyed working out 
ways to display the enamel spoons.
Iris felt she should be part of the display too.
Showing down the road at the yard:ARTspace were 3 artists.
Jane Sasanow book artist and printmaker.
This lovely screen print from Jane has found a new home.
Lorna Prudden glass artist will be leading a workshop for 
Create for Christmas, but there are now only 3 places left.
Dinny Pocock printmaker and needle felt sculptor.
Her workshop for Create for Christmas at the yard is now full.
These 3 talented creators welcomed people into the yard
with their beautiful work. Thank you to all of them for their tireless efforts.
We have all worked very hard this week, I had 583 people come to my shed, garden and lounge and I believe the yard:ARTspace had similar numbers. No wonder Frank is tired. But thanks to all these people we had a wonderfully energetic and inspiring 9 days...roll on 2017 and the next Cheltenham Open Studios