Monday, 24 June 2019


It has now been a week since I gave over my house, garden and life to Cheltenham Open Studios.
A week of people coming to see me and my work and that of the incredibly talented Caroline McCatty and the super creative Sharon McSwiney
People arrived throughout the week, directed to the studio in the garden which
had been tweeked and pampered to create a lush jungle of plants. Much enjoyed and a relief to those who were not so keen to look at art.
Completely given over to showing work, my shed had been sorted over 3 days.
My lounge was made into a serene art gallery.
prints and enamels.
Fantasy objects
Metal work and
Caroline's exquisite objects, beautifully made and
wonderfully painted.
After 9 days of talking, listening to incredible stories and sharing our thoughts and despite the rain...thank you to everyone who ventured through my front door and up the garden path to my shed. All 627 of you!!

Thursday, 30 May 2019


 Where exactly did 2 years go? 
Yes it is 2 years since I last opened the doors to both my house and garden and the yard:ARTspace for the biannual  Cheltenham Open Studios.Starting 8 June, Commercial Street will be open 10-4pm until the 16 June.

I am just one of 200 artists taking part this year and Commercial Street is one of  79 venues exhibiting and opening up their creative work spaces. 
So what goes into planning and delivering such an event?
So a month before it all kicks off the lovely Mr Brown and I start to tidy the garden as it has to be walked through to get to my shed.There are a few people who come to my Open Studio just to see how the garden is getting on.
So I don't like to disappoint. A bit like Chelsea Flower Show it is touch and go for things in flower. The foxglove may have peaked too soon! That is where the comparison ends.
But this rose by my shed will be in full scented glory.
Apart from the tidying of the shed, house, garden and the yard:ARTspace and all the hanging of work, there is all the signage to sort out. I want you to find venue 32 & 33 with ease together with the other artists in the Suffolk area. So arrows and an area walking map have to be produced.
My shed is almost ready, you will be able to flick through my sketch books.
There will be a few bargains to find next to my current work.
I will be working in the shed over the week so come along and talk about printmaking. You might like to discuss which workshop will unlock your creativity?
Back in the house I am trying to create a gallery feel with my enamel work.
Come early to snap these up, I do not have many figures left.
My collagraphs will be available, framed and unframed.
I have new printed textile pieces, this work
is only available from me as it is not presently in galleries.
This is just a small taster. There will be more work to see as once again I am joined by two very talented artists. Sharon McSwiney will be showing her jewelry and metal work and 
Caroline McCatty will exhibit puppets and automaton 
Can't wait for Saturday 8 June?
I would like to invite you to our preview evening,
Thursday, 6 June 6-8pm
Join us for a drink and an early look around the work before we open in earnest on 8 June.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019


Every once in a while I have to get out of the studio and meet people. One of the best ways to do this is a Craft Show.
I am lucky enough to have one on my door step, Craft Festival has come back to Cheltenham for the second year running, bringing with it Made By Hand.
An excellent show packed with extraordinary makers and artists. 
The whole event is run so professionally and there is great camaraderie between everyone.
My stand was set up on the Thursday
with a small studio within it.
My view all weekend down the corridor of talent.
I spent 3 days demonstrating 
my printmaking practice
and gum arabic transfer printmaking.
Everyone was so interested, thank you to anyone who stopped to take a look.
I could not have done the weekend without the help of my good chum Caroline, a super talent in her own right.
The whole 3 days went by in a flash, Sunday afternoon bowled a bit of a curve ball during pack up as I piled everything into the car during a hail storm.

A lovely event and as I said earlier, thank you to everyone who took the time to see me.

Sunday, 20 January 2019


Colour and thread landed in the yard:ARTspace on Saturday with a 
Free Machine Embroidery workshop run by the electric sewing machine wizard, Catherine Kingzett
7 different sewing machines in the room, worked by operators with varying experience, but nothing phased Catherine. We all soon got to grips with our machines.
We started the day getting to know what we and our machines were capable of.
Then focused on doodling and drawing.
Trying threads and mark making...
I just couldn't resist having a go at a face.
We then got down and serious after lunch, producing
carefully thought out projects.
Getting to grips with a touch of applique. 
Working on different substrates and 
becoming confident with drawing and colouring in with thread.
Whoops, did I try out a bird, well it would have been rude not to?
A woman at one with her machine, I may even be looking relaxed, although apparently I have a sewing machine face when I work.
Catherine is such a patient teacher, 
showing us everything we needed to know about our machines and encouraging us to experiment.
Check out the textile workshops at the yard:ARTspace, some are a little out of the ordinary and will get you going in different directions.

Thank you Cath for a wonderful day.