Wednesday, 15 April 2015


I have to admit I have a penchant for cutting things out. 
This display shows a rare example of a square collagraph plate. The background rook and dove together with the foreground chickens show my usual shaped plates.
From time to time I can be caught creating a one off collagraph print by paper cutting the background,
as with this halloween commission for Moss Prints Gallery in Cheltenham.
I have recently created a suite of small birds with specifically designed paper cut backgrounds. These are a small edition of 10.
Even my enamel pieces can not escape this treatment, but I do have these pieces etched for me.
So as a serial offender and with a little time on my hands (?) I have subjected King of the Birds to a little hacking and slashing. 
I will show this 1/1 at Art in Action, 16-19 July,

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


I am seized by the urge to it the spring weather or
am I being inspired by the creatures who have moved into my garden?
Their front door faces my shed window, so not only are they my muse but
a constant distraction as I watch them taking in cosy bedding. 
The fact that nature is now sharing our garden
has got me exploring the collection of nesting materials.
Home making is synonymous with sewing and I have been completely 
hooked on this seasons Great British Sewing Bee on television...
So inspired by the Sewing Bee I have started to do some dressmaking after a long break. I love the paraphernalia, patterns, cotton reels, pins and needles. 
 But I have been completely inspired by
Aunty Alice's sewing machine which has moved into the shed.
These drawings are in my A2 sketch book so I am planning large collagraphs.
This is a plan for a very large print and will be A1. Hoping to get this done for Art in Action in July.
I can't quite get away from how our feathered friends share our urban environment.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Friday, 10th April, 10am -1pm, I will be at the Museum in the Park, Stroud.
It is a opportunity to talk to people about the project 
Echoes in Enamel
and give away my enamelling secrets. I will also be running an enamelling workshop on 30th May at the Museum, contact them for booking and details.
The Museum in the Park is a gem in our area and after you have spent a few minutes with me there is lots more to see.

Thursday, 26 March 2015


The last Wednesday of the first 10 week printmaking course at the yard:ARTspace has arrived. The 3 classes have made beautiful work and for the last session experimental prints were bound into simple book forms.
I like to gather the groups together to work on this step by step activity for the last class.
There was lots of decorative paper envy, reflection on the past weeks work.
Giggling, measuring and cutting, plus the odd rude word as
the occasional plan goes wrong.
Prints were bundled together, back and front boards cut and covered, then everything was sewn together.
There was even enough time to embellish some books with stamps and embossing powder.
All in all we made a set of neat little books full of delicious collagraphs, a record of a productive term. 
Thankyou everyone for making my first term at the yard:ARTspace such a success.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015


For the past couple of months it has all been about the yard:ARTspace., so what has happened to the Shed?
The shed is still very much the centre of my practice.
The garden is waking up to spring and there has been a massive spring clean in the shed since the press moved to the yard.
The first thing I did was to buy this fantastic metal cupboard off ebay,
it is standing in the space left behind by the press and very neatly houses my enamel tools and materials.
I have created display and storage areas on the shelves around the shed.
And now have room to make a feature of old tools and equipment. For the moment I know where everything is...for the moment!
The shed has become enamelling central, these small labels are part of a collaboration with artists Hilary Mayo, and Julia Jowett,
 We are exhibiting together with other Midland Cohort, Hothouse artists in The Gathering at New Brewery Arts, Cirencester in June, 
After  several months as a dumping ground while the yard:ARTspace got all the attention, the shed has now had the love it deserves and is a wonder space to create in, I will print in the yard, but draw and enamel in the shed. 

Friday, 6 March 2015


The first part of Echoes in Enamel is now installed at the Museum in the Park, Stroud.
I have been fortunate enough to have been awarded an Arts Council Grant to make 4 new pieces of work over 3 years responding to the Museums First World War collection.
I am taking my inspiration from local men and women in Stroud and the part they played in the conflict, at the front both home and away.The first story I am telling is about the women who found themselves in a new environment.
 From Kitchen to Factory is inspired by a photograph album of female munitions workers at TH & J Daniels in 1918. It is a beautiful record of women working almost certainly for the first time outside of their own homes, yet the images show an interesting juxtaposition of women dressed in the same sort of clothing they may have worn for cleaning and cooking in, yet they are operating complicated industrial machinery.
I wanted to show the contrast between home and industry for these women, the similarities and the differences. My substrate is cutlery and the odd spanner.
Ceramic transfers provided me with the narrative.
These I fired together to create a collection which would hang as a group.
I want to compare and contrast the machinery the women used in the factory with domestic machines used in the home.
I have used gum arabic transfer making a series of labels of period domestic appliances to hang along side the enamel.
Can you tell what these machines are? They echo the industrial versions so well.
Monday 2nd March, the big install. With lots of help and encouragement from Alexia, Documentation & Collections Officer and Fern, the construction of many pieces to make one, began.
There was much debate.
Lots of adjustment.
Placing and replacing. But never a cross word.
The piece is now installed and ready for visitors to look and touch.
Placed in the foyer of this lovely Museum until the end of April.
Thankyou Museum in the Park for all your support and encouragement, also Stroud District Council and Arts Council England for your financial support.
If you get the opportunity to see the installation, please leave a comment on the blog as I have to gather feed back as part of the grant award, so become part of the project. 
I will be making a personal appearance to talk about the installation in the Easter holidays so keep an eye on my Facebook page for the date