Friday, 18 March 2016


Up the road from where I live in sunny Cheltenham is the lovely Red Cross book shop, I have to limit myself to one visit a month as I have a penchant for old books. I am buying my childhood back and also I am a sucker for lovely book covers. 
So here is my latest score to assuage a habit that at least does not damage my health, (unless I become crushed by the rapidly growing piles of hard backs!!??)
This beautifully illustrated Brer Rabbit was a must have, how did he get away with being so naughty? Peaking in this photo is a lovely spotty book, Bird related (of course), Birds from the Hide, 1933 with sixty- three plates in photogravure. (, before you ask!)
But look at this beauty, as an artist maker how could I leave this on the shelf?
From 1907 this book has made me come to terms with the fact that animals may have had the idea first and made it...nothing is new!!
I just love the headings although 
some topics are a bit dubious.
Yes, there are a couple more books that I am not owning up to and for a change there are no Ladybird books in my latest binge buy.
But some will be put to good use as this lovely book was during Cheltenham Open Studios, display resources makes them all tax deductable. 
and this little collection turned into Alice in Wonderland shelves at Select Showcase in October 2015.
This all makes me feel a little less guilty.

Thursday, 17 March 2016


Yes it's that time in the 10 week printmaking course at the yard:ARTspace! Last printing day as next week we make books.
So it was an inking frenzy, but what a day.
The morning, afternoon and evening class produced some of the best prints I have seem this term.
9 weeks of learning techniques and clean printmaking strategies has really paid off,
as during all 3 sessions the room was filled with glorious colour
and images.
Viscosity inking was used
to it's best advantage.
Work was made with scope to extend it with mixed media.
Everyone seemed to have a plan using chine collee and
the drypoint collagraph combo.
Extravagant colour was the order of the evening.
Rich textural images were successfully made.
All in all it was an energetic and
productive day. Thank you everyone for making my Wednesdays a printmakers joy.
There are a few places remaining on the Summer Term 10 week courses, for information and booking go to

Sunday, 13 March 2016


So here it is completed in all it's knitted glory, my collagraph for March.
 'Drop a Stitch'

Tuesday, 8 March 2016


What a busy week I have had, the yard:ARTspace hosted a very successful 
Silk Aquatint workshop over the weekend.
Silk Aquatint I hear you cry...well it is a fabulous
collagraph technique that with the addition of
viscosity inking produces rich, moody, tonal  images.
2 days of plate making and
experimenting with different ways of inking produced
lots of interesting prints.
If you can get hold of this book, it is the Silk Aquatint bible as far as I am concerned. 
Fun and hard work in equal measure, I am always surprised
how hard everyone works on a weekend workshop.
Last week also saw the arrival on March's 'Print a Month'
4 hours printmaking in the studio and this was produced.
Not quite finished yet, there is a surprise element planned to fit in with my sewing/making birds theme...???
I love working in the yard:ARTspace. If you want to join in the fun check out the workshops and courses on, but be warned, printmaking can prove to be habit forming!