Monday, 13 July 2009


Here is a post which is from this time last year. I am re posting it as part of Seth Apter's Buried Treasure 2010 project to be found on the blog The Altered Page. He has asked folk to collaborate by posting a favourite past post. I felt that it would be apt to post this one as it is about this time last year it was first posted. It will also celebrate the fact that my blog is just over a year old now...Happy Blogday to me. Enjoy going back in time.

I have just spent a wet week in Bude, Cornwall with husband Rob and son Toby. While they spent the days frolicing in the waves in wet suits, I had an enjoyable time exploring rock pools and collecting stones.

I find seaside pebbles irresistable, the Bude coast line is edged with these gorgeous stones before the sand appears when the tide goes out.

The rocks on the edge of the beaches are covered in the deepest blue clusters of mussels

and although the orange fishing net is really rubbish it looks fabulous against the blue.

I knew I would have sometime left to my own devises so I cut up a larger sketch book to make this square format, 11 x 11cms and at the end of the week decorated the front with beach finds.

I manage 2 to 3 drawings a day, some on the beach, some inspired by the day

I prepared pages with acrylic paint and wall paper before coming away,

and used collage to inspire some pages.

I am left with a personal reminder of a lovely holiday that is easier to look at than a set of photos.

Now back at home I am working on new collagraphs for my galleries, this Barnacle Goose lives at Slimbridge and fills an A1 piece of Snowdon cartridge

Thursday, 2 July 2009


I spent a happy but hot beginning of this week working with 19 'A' level students. A very friendly art department with fantastic work being done by the staff and students.

We had a very energetic time making collagraph prints with card, wall paper and wood glue the first day. The students then worked into their prints by monoprinting inked card and wallpaper

over both wet and dry prints. Lovely work was produced, but I think we all wilted in the heat by the second day!

I have just about found time to bind together the colour samples I made during the Open Studio event at Hampen Factory at the beginning of June. If I don't organise them I will just put them away and forget all the good ideas they have sparked. I am not an accurate or talented book binder, but I do love this form. I have used the printing plate for the cover of one booklet, but my favourite samples I have covered in acetate.

I intend to hang the booklets up in my studio by the bulldog clips so that they are a very visible reminder that I can do colour...!!!

Thankyou Lesley, who has a great blog Printed Material. Lesley found this fabric at the Bristol Ikea, for me it was a must have and I am now the proud owner of a flocking frock for summer.
My daughter kindly fed the birds with a series of humourous textile bugs, thankyou Holly!

Finally, Cassey the Hampen Factory Arts Centre cat has had 7 kittens in a cello case.
They are about 7 hours old here.
Mother and kittens are doing well, Carolyn and I are thrilled!