Tuesday, 27 November 2012


I am exploring birds in flight, from drawing on paper.
These sheets are larger than A1.
Then translating the drawings into collagraph prints made of card, wood glue and carborundum. These birds are around life size, the plate just fitting on an A1 piece of Somerset etching paper.
This image is considerably smaller with its feet on the ground, silk aqua tint with tile cement.
There is something uncomfortable about a flying bird, it is such an alien image. We see birds in the sky every day, but perhaps it is easier to understand them moving than caught in frozen flight?


Sharmon Davidson said...

I agree, birds frozen in flight sometimes do look awkward; probably you're right about the reason, too. Although in some parts of the flight motion they look quite beautiful, especially certain types of birds. All of your birds are wonderful, though!

Patricia G said...

They can look sinister and with small ones like bluetits it can be hard to believe their wings can carry them. Beautiful work Sue.

Jee said...

I'm always fascinated by the heron in flight. We used to live near a heronry, seeing the birds coming home in the evening was a really stunning sight. The profile is quite prehistoric.

Printed Material said...

Gorgeous drawing and prints. I am , as ever, a pushover for a flying bird image. Did Caravan Palace live up to expectations by the way?

Wendy Rhodes said...

Fabulous drawing, theres a lightness in the wings that gives the birds lift. Flying birds are a very optimistic image for me, the idea of being free from the ground suggests endless possibilities; freedom to move around unhindered, to see from a different point of view, to travel further and quicker.