Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Things I like best...spending time with my arty friends and cake! To this end I invited chums around for an Artea Party today. In exchange for a cup of tea I challenge them to bring a decorated fairy cake. Here are some of the results.
My son Jack and his girl friend Alice rose to the challenge with this Monty Python inspired piece

and spent the morning making desert islands complete with palm trees and parasols.

My offering was Picasso inspired and Toby my youngest son who will be doing 'A' level art next

term created his own take on the Damian Hurst's piece Mother and Child Divided.

The variety and imagination was fantastic, print based sculptures, paper cut spiders,
delicious cream and chocolate confections.

Wonderful food sculptures from flowers to itsy bitsy teeny weeny polka dot bikini.

All creative and spirit raising. I am so lucky to have such creative family and friends.

If today was anything to go by, I will certainly repeat this, we should all have an Artea Party from time to time. Thankyou everyone.


Terry Peart said...

These are all wonderful! You do indeed have a fine group of talented friends and family.

Sharon McSwiney said...

Thanks for a lovely afternoon Sue - let's make it a regular event...with themes for the cakes?

Jo Horswill said...

Sue, how wonderfully delicious this all looks...thank goodness you captured this with photo's, before it was eaten!!!