Tuesday, 22 September 2009


I have been having a bit of a play here really, in fact this is the third plate I have made to get these images right!
The base is tile cement on card with Carborundum on the birds, lots of wood glue washes to create the light tones.
Both plates have been inked up using the viscosity method. My worry is that sometimes work looks better here on screen
than they do in the flesh...?

Just a quick kitten update:- Henry and Iris are settling really well and Frank seems to be taking it in his stride!


Jo Horswill said...

Hi Sue, some wonderful prints here. I love the rich print effect of the birds using carborundum.

Kittens look almost grown up :)

Sharon McSwiney said...

I love the new prints! Looking forward to meeting those kittens soon...glad Frank is keeping his cool xx

Sally said...

Hi Sue
I don't think we have actually met...but but we show our work at the same galleries. I have just found your blog...lovely work.
I really love the new prints.
Best wishes

Sally Stafford

Printed Material said...


These two prints look - as ever - just wonderful. Could you bring them on Saturday so that I can actually see them 'in the flesh' ? I bet they look twice as good for real as they do on screen.