Monday, 4 January 2010


I couldn't completely hang up the inks and ignore the etching press over the Christmas holiday, with a set of screen prints to experiment on. The results are below.
The bird and the moths are collagraph in carborundum and tile cement, the dark blue is a screen print.
Very much a work in progress, I need to redo the screen print to give it more punch.

I quite like the idea of a bonkers the pink underneath the intaglio.
Lots to play around with in the New Year.
I spent some time doing more drawing in preparation for plate making and trying out this
coloured background thing I have on my mind. Smaller scale than the crows.
I find this time of year tricky, after the festive break it is hard to get going again. For the past couple of years I have solved this stall by having half finished projects to safley slip back into. I hope this plan works again! Happy New Year everyone!!


sukipoet said...

beautiful artwork

Bridget Farmer said...

happy new year!
i love the pattern in the background of these. it's a nice mix.
I still marvel at what you do with tile cement, I really must try and drop by your studio one day if I'm in your area!

Printed Material said...

I love that pink! Is it a bonkers colour? If so, I must be bonkers.... and you know that can't be true... a bit eccentric but not bonkers.... see you soon. Lesley x

Andrew Finnie said...

Wow Sue, I really like this work.