Friday, 26 March 2010


If you haven't checked out Robyn Gordon's latest post on her blog Art Propelled, do, she is talking about giving herself the time to experiment with new ideas, I really agree. To move forward we all need more time to play and we tend to find excuses not to. The thought of failing is my biggest excuse.
And have I been playing !! This is a zinc etching, inked using the viscosity method with cut out etched moths collaged onto it.
This little piece was an example I made for a zinc etching course. Left in the copper sulphate over night to create the bitten edges and holes, then again viscosity inked.

But these are my favourite experiments, I am really enjoying learning to enamel. These 4 labels are deeply bitten copper and screen printed transfers.
I hope Robyn will find that 2 -3 months of experimental play will be enough...I think I will need 2-3 years.

Saturday, 13 March 2010


When all else fails and I can't think what to make next , it is a good point to experiment with
a few small sample collagraph plates. These tile cement and carborundum pieces are about 2 ins x 4 ins, sorry about the imperial measurements!
I have inked them up using simultaneous colour inking (or viscosity ) trip through the press, I know hard to believe. I have added a little gold chine collee here and there, I love a bit of twinkle.
Looking at them now I think it might be worth trying to repeat these compositions in enamel.
That will while away a few hours when I should be writing essays!!

Monday, 8 March 2010


Two years in the planning. Two weeks preparation. Four and a half hours hanging. This is the biggest solo exhibition I have ever organised. A Celebration Of Collagraph is on 6th March - 25th April at The Museum in the Park, Stroud.
I could not have hung the work without the fantastic help of Rob and Caroline, we had a lovely morning, they both kept me calm and made sure that everything was level.
We are all still friends and not a cross word was spoken.
The gallery at the Museum is light and spacious,
but makes the ostriches look small, it is thrilling to see these pieces hanging together.

Sunday afternoon gave me an opportunity to meet people and explain how collagraphs are made, two hours of non stop talking. I am very grateful to The Museum in the Park for giving me this opportunity to show so much of my work in this lovely space.
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