Sunday, 20 June 2010


As you can see I am still experimenting with tile cement and carborundom plates.
I have also tried to be a bit daring (for me) with the colour in these prints.
Simultaneous colour separation inking really shows up the textures in these plates.
I am really enjoying the little birds at the moment. I have had a family of sparrows come to visit my tiny town garden.
But I am really excited about this visitor, I believe it is a Garden Tiger Moth, please let me know if I have got that wrong.
I had three of these beauties flying just out of reach of Iris the cat this evening. A gorgeous flash of colour!


Gloria Freshley said...

Hi Sue,

Lots of wonderful things happening in your studio! And thanks for showing the photo of the moth. I certainly haven't ever seen anything like that in any place that I've ever lived....Cheers!

Gina said...

the bird prints are lovely ... nice work! >> Gina

Printed Material said...

Love the birds, as ever! Your beautiful moth is a day flying Scarlet Tiger . How lucky to see three of them. They are not rare but not exactly prolific either. Lucky you. Lesley xx

teresa stieben said...

beautiful prints!