Sunday, 5 September 2010


I was lucky enough this summer to be asked by Brewery Arts in Cirencester to teach a 3 day workshop on mixed media techniques for sketch books. Now we never allow ourselves enough time to just play with techniques without worrying about having an end result, the 3 days allowed 8 artists , myself and my daughter (who came along for 1 day to get some sketch book pages done) to do exactly that...just play!
In return for coming for the day my daughter shared with us all an interesting transfer technique. Apply a thin layer of acrylic paint, we used emulsion, on to a surface, lay a glossy magazine picture face down onto the wet paint and massage the back. As the paint gets tacky it peels the first photographic layer off the magazine. The above image is an example with the brush marks of the paint picking up bits of image. Now it is a great technique for starting off a blank sketch book page and I spent 2 of the 3 days filling my small book.
This was a very figurative image that I drew into, a bit obvious, but I wanted to see if I could make the transfer work clearly.
This was a more random transfer that I worked on much later, the transfers can act as automatic drawing to spark off ideas or reinforce existing inspirations.

I really like to use the transfer as random texture and backgrounds. From this little drawing I thought it would be interesting to make an enamel piece.
On steel I have worked in exactly the same way as I would in my sketch book, I have collaged enamel transfers for texture and background, scratched through white enamel to black to create the drawing, collaged gold leaf and sifted brown using stencils. I like the scruffy look to the drawing, is my sketch book work escaping...?
I am looking forward to a week long opportunity to draw and make collagraph plates as I am artist in residence from September 7th to 12th at Nature in Art, Twigworth. If you are in sunny Gloucestershire at all do come along for a chat...the cafe does great cake. For further details about this gem of a museum,


Are you curious about me? said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful 3 days, I love the idea of the transfer technique, sounds like great fun.

I love the enamel transfers on steel, I would love to see them, I bet they are even more beautiful in the flesh.

Patricia G said...

I am so delighted to have stumbled upon your blog and your art today. I very much like the multi media aspect of your work - etching metal, printing from the metal, enamelling, drawing, painting, transfer printing and a bit of stitch too.
I'd love to do a workshop with you. You're not far away so maybe one day!

Printed Material said...

Hey, that's a neat transfer technique - you know me, I'll be trying that later!! The enamel tags are the best yet if you ask me. I think you have a winner there. I'm looking forward to my workshop in October and must tell Patricia G that she should definitely take a workshop with you whenever she can! Good luck at Nature in Art. Sorry I can't get there but hope it goes well. Lesley xx

Anneliese said...

your work just gets yummier and yummier!
love the fledglings in enamel

I continue to be inspired but what you do, thank you for blogging and for all the details... it's all great!