Wednesday, 8 September 2010


I got into Nature in Art this morning and was pleasantly surprised to find that although the sheep drawings from the day before were not amazing, they would do the job as the start for 2 new sheep collagraphs.
So I set too and traced both drawings, modifying the images as I went along.
I then proceeded to make both sheep using card, wood glue and wall paper.
Adding detail by carving into the card with a sharp blade.
To get really black blacks for the faces and legs I am using carborundum.
Tomorrow I will seal the carborundum with Klear floor varnish and shellac both plates.
In between waiting for glue to dry I wandered around the grounds and
came across this wonderful water feature, I love this bird which is hiding under neath the piece,
and this frog nestling among the reeds reminds me of the frogs the cats are bringing into the house from our pond.


Printed Material said...

Yes, the bird is great but what about those plates? They look pretty good too! Hope you're getting plenty of visitors? Lesley

Sharon McSwiney said...

Glad you are having a productive time! Wish I could get there to see you...liking the sheep x