Sunday, 6 March 2011


So why have I been making these large enamel crows?
So that I can place them on fence posts of course, this one I found in a Welsh field...on the ground I might add after the farmer had renewed his fencing.
Adding the moths adds a lightness to the piece. Upwards and onwards!!


Jennifer Tetlow said...

The crow looks amazingly life-like, so clever and I love the old post, with rusty wire and the old boards of the background. Great images!

Sara Bowen said...

One day when I win a fortune I'm going to commission some of your crows to fly over here to Australia! I don't know why I'm quite so fascinated with crows but I am, and these are lovely.

Printed Material said...

Bring that fence post back to Wales!!!! I know the perfect spot for it..... Love it. Just wait until we see the real thing..... and we will..... I promise. Lesley x