Thursday, 30 June 2011


Back in the shed today preparing 2 sheets of A2 paper to work into tomorrow and Monday.
The first page I have decided to keep simple so I started off by scribbling with candle wax.

Covering the page with water soluble black ink.
Then applying gum arabic prints of moths, beetles and cow parsley in black and silver.

The second page became more adventurous...wax first then some gestural marks in Mars orange and orange acrylic ink.

Then a layer of water soluble and indian black ink, finishing off with the same gum arabic transfers.

Now I have 2 pages ready to bleach, scrape and draw into which will in turn inspire some enamel pieces.

It has been a liberating experience working on a larger scale, usually my sketch books are A5 and smaller. Bigger marks, bigger photocopies.

My next sketch book techniques and gum arabic transfer course is here in Cheltenham in October.


keshling said...

I love your work. Seriously.

K xx

Leslie Avon Miller said...

These are intriguing. Candle wax interesting!

ELFI said...

très belle série !

Sharmon Davidson said...

Fascinating experiments- I love what you're doing here. What kind of paper are you using that can take so much abuse?