Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Waterperry Gardens near Oxford is now decked out ready for Art in Action.
Everywhere you turn there are the most beautiful floral displays.

And here is my home for the next 4 days, it will be torture as the Nature in Art area is set up next to the tempting treats of the garden centre.

The work I am displaying is all collagraphs with a mixture of current work

and old favourites. My rooks and crows seem to be dominating, it will be interesting to get a public reaction.


Jennifer Tetlow said...

All best for the event, I will pop over and see your display if I get a moment from demonstrating, I'm in the Art Materials and Publications marquee - so looking forward to it!

Printed Material said...

It will be great. Sorry not to be able to get there to support you but I know you will have a great time - if busy! Shall be following the blog updates avidly. L x