Monday, 8 August 2011


My day out on Saturday must have done me the world of good as I have spent the last 2 days in
the shed finishing off prints and playing with enamel. These are the Eider ducks I started at Art in Action.

I have added strings and a label to the rooks.

I have completed this raven and I am calling it The Bargain.

This is a proof of Marley that creased because I had the paper to wet, so I thought I would experiment with cutting out a background. It certainly sorts out the crease!

I spent today making these little sculptures.

Etched copper, enamel and screen printed transfers My riveting is a bit out of practice, but I am pleased with the ease of firing in my new kiln.

I might take a day off tomorrow or do some drawing?

Saturday, 6 August 2011


The lovely Mr Brown could see that I was getting a little frayed around the edges and needed a day out of the shed, so off we went on an adventure. Our first port of call was The Foal Yard in Bransford, Worcester to see my chum Sharon McSwiney. Sharon was not in but we had a fab time chatting to her Mum and her other half Tim and came away with a few purchases and a lovely lunch.
A treat from Mr Brown, these lovely silver earrings, made by Sharon. The Foal Yard is a great place to see designer jewellery, unusual kitchen ware, good food and more. Check out Sharon's web sight for directions

Next stop was just outside of Worcester heading north, the Bevere Gallery, we have traveled past the AA signs to this gallery on the way to Kidiminster for years and at last we have had the time to pop in. What a gem for those of us interested in ceramics and artists prints.

At the moment there is a wonderful sculpture trail through the gardens. An amazing gallery full of big name ceramicists and printmakers plus a cafe with great cake. For those who know me well great cake is a vital ingredient!

These photos give just a taste of the variety of work available in the gardens. Mr Brown was tempted into a purchase, 2 beautiful ceramic pieces by Lara Scobie. I feel like I have had a bit of a holiday, so tomorrow I can tackle the Eider duck plates waiting for me in the shed.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I came back from Art in Action with freshly made collagraph plates and I have now had time to proof 2 of them. I am very happy with this raven plate, a portrait of Marley, the bird I met a few weekends ago. So this is now ready for editioning.

I am also pleased with this raven, but it needs a few added items to give the piece a narrative. I will get to work on that tomorrow.