Friday, 30 March 2012


Scale is an interesting issue, especially as it is very difficult to make out the sizes of things when they are posted like this.

These drawings are preparation pieces and are 80cm x 50cm.

This is a detail, the sheets of paper are A4.

Where as this enamel book is 5cm x 3cm.

I thought that it might be easy to make a tiny object, but there is not enough room to make it make complete sense. The collection of beetles at the Oxford Natural History Museum have more tiny specimens than the glamorously large beetles that appear in my big drawings. I know what I would prefer flying around!


Carole said...

I really like the way this has turned out, even if it doesn't make complete sense, as you put it. I love all your work. I'd choose the beetle if I had my preference!

Printed Material said...

I find scale fascinating.When familiar with a painting or object from the printed page I am often surprised when confronted with it in a gallery at how much bigger or smaller it is than my perception. Even when the size of the page is given nothing beats seeing these things in front of you, so one day I want to see those drawings dear friend. They, like all the work here, are inspiring!! xx

Jill said...

So glad I could get a closer view of your work - possibly larger than life, by clicking on them. I rather like the way the little notebook is just a fragment.
I think I'd opt for one large beetle rather than a swarm of small ones!

Kitsch and Curious said...

I really like these notebooks, and love the idea of a very small one. A tiny treasure!

Are you curious about me? said...

These little books amaze me, they make me think of those intriguing Victorian cabinets of curiosities..
Just wonderful..

Jack Oudyn said...

I think your enamelled notes are exquisite. I like the unfinished, almost incomplete content, wrapped into the beautifully finished looking - enamel.