Thursday, 13 December 2012


What gets me into the Christmas mood? Not the endless assault on the ears from Slade and Wizard, or the queueing at the tills to buy socks, hankies and other items where only the thought really counts. 
It's when nature wraps itself in a blanket of ice.
Tuesday and Wednesday covered the Cotswold's in a crust of frost that twinkled on the edge of things.
 And provided me with inspiration that I could not ignore.
So once again locked in my shed, ignoring the call of the sellotape and the pile of unwritten cards
I  indulged myself with some sketch book work.
These rook drawings are 9 x 9cms and may be ideas for enamels.
Inspired by the festive season (I am not a complete humbug) these drawings are 18 x 30 cms.


Patricia G said...

The frost is magical isn't it. I do like your contrast between the dark crow and the fine detail drawing.

Jacqui Dodds said...

Yes I love the magical frost and love your sketchbook work - great to get new inspiration Sue.
Jacqui x

Jane Aston said...

Lovely images. I live in The Morvan in France. Similar yellow stone houses against rolling hills. The snow was here last week making journeys to the shop quite treacherous. I find myself yearning for some trashy Christmas. Oh wait I bought silly baubles yesterday!!

Printed Material said...

Careful girl, that mention of Slade and Wizzard puts us firmly in the 70's. I know because I remember it too! Fab sketchbook work as ever. Love that robin and his crown!

Rosie Kearton said...

Yes Christmas has a lot to with weather and I like the idea of you immersed in the details of it while Slade and the rest of it fades into the background - lovely images!

Tricia said...

Lovely sketchbook work.

Morag said...

I LOve the little Robin with the crown ! Beautiful :)