Saturday, 27 April 2013


Remember at the beginning of November, the post, Great Expectations I proudly announced that I had undertaken a commission for Cheltenham Connect. 3 enamel panels that would celebrate 200 years of trading on the Bath Road, Cheltenham. Well that project is progressing.
Rachel and I had a very exciting day working with John at Hy-Tech Enamelling Ltd, having a practice before launching onto the large panels in May.
I have cut stencils which Rachel and I will be drawing through
onto the bisque enamel (that is as technical as I will get).
The panels are then put on a continuous conveyor 
and taken through the furnace and fired at 800 degrees
An extraordinary sight.
Rachel and I now know what to expect. John and his team were really welcoming and generous with their expertise. I am so looking forward to working on the real thing.


Wendy Rhodes said...

wow, this takes enamelling into a whole new level - very exciting!

Caroline said...

It looks like it is going to be wonderful! I am so pleased that you are getting this experience and that we will get a large piece of your amazing art on public display.

Jill said...

Fascinating to follow this process.

Printed Material said...

I will have to make a special trip to Cheltenham to see this in situ one day! How fabulous to see it happening in front of you and know it is actually going to happen.