Friday, 14 June 2013


Thankyou to everyone who has been to see our Open Studio Exhibition, Melting Point. We have met some lovely people, talked lots of art and so far the weather has been kind. But if you haven't seen us yet there are 3 days to go. We are venue 29 in the Cheltenham Open Studio Guide.
Sunday Sharon and I will be demonstrating our working processes and Christopher will be here to talk about how he makes his lovely garden sculptures.
An unexpected visitor to the garden,Chrysolina Americana
My ladies and Gentlemen are proving popular.
Sharon McSwiney will be on the Cheltenham Prom this weekend at the Craft Market and then back in my shed Sunday morning demonstrating her working processes.
My garden has performed beautifully with these poppies coming out just this week.
Christopher Lisney's sculptures have added so much to my garden, I will miss them next week.
My enamel crow has bemused my cats.
It has been a fantastic week and if you are in the area there are still 3 days to go before my house turns from a gallery space back to my slightly chaotic home.


Patricia G said...

Sue, I have this beetle on my lavender again this year. although it is pretty I'm not too happy with the munching of the flower stalks. looking forward to getting to Cheltenham tomorrow.

Anne B said...

All the best, Sue. I am counting down to Warwickshire Open Studios starting June 29th. Scared and excited all at once - well it is my first time!