Monday, 15 July 2013


I have just heard that I have had these Ladies and Gentlemen accepted
for the Fourth International Jewellery Exhibition 
starting in August at the Museum of Glass and Enamel Art, Ravenstein, Netherlands.
Tomorrow I will be packaging them  up for their journey before I get my camping gear sorted for Art in Action


Sharmon Davidson said...

Congratulations- how wonderful!

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

As you should. I wouldn't mind owning all of them to hang all in a row.

Olga said...

Fittingly - congrats! They are splendid.
I hope that you have a cool time at A in A.

Printed Material said...

Well done. You deserve the recognition for taking enamel in this direction. Hope you are not melting at Art in Action. We were coming today but cancelled as I don't do 'heat' as you know. Can only imagine the temperature inside a marquee. Keep cool and I hope it goes well xx

Anne B said...

Grrr! I was at Art in Action yesterday but did not get round to seeing your work. Sorry. Hope it went well.

sukiartist said...

I enjoy wearing mine and always get compliments about it