Thursday, 3 April 2014


At last the weather is warming up and the seeds are coming up in veg pot city which is taking advantage of a sunny corner in my walled garden.

You might have spotted what I am using for plant labels. Determined not to
forget what I have planted this year I have enamelled the names on bits of cutlery.
The orange bucket is the Gardening Clubs potatoe in a bucket competition. Who can grow the most for the August show, I am consistent and always come in the last 2.
I am also very smug about my spring bulbs this year.
I am still on target for doing a print a month, even though I am cheating and appear to be doing 2 a month. Will this mean I can have a holiday here and there? I suspect not...momentum is everything.
These are both collagraphs called Singing the Blues. The winter plump blackbirds were in the garden during December. I love the blackbirds song, always cheery at dawn and twilight, hence the labels with gum arabic transfer. I am running a one day Transfer workshop at Hampen Factory on June 21st if you want to learn more about the technique.
BREAKING NEWS:- I will be featured in the Artisan section of Period Living in June. Very exciting, several pages of my work, shed and Frank the cat. I believe the magazine comes out in May so watch out for it in your local News Agents.


Olga Norris said...

Love the plant labels! The blackbirds are a real delight, and coincidentally my husband was just saying the other day that he thought that blackbirds must be the reincarnations of jazz musicians!

Sue Brown said...

Spooky Olga

Printed Material said...

I won't need a second bidding to buy that magazine. Congrats on the recognition. I can contribute to the walled garden this year - lots of plants on offer when I see you! Love the blackbird too. I want to do something like that but with a magpie and real jewels hanging from his beak (yeah, as if I'll get round to that....) xx

Caroline said...

Of course I really want to leave a deep arty comment (as if that were ever possible) but all I am thinking is how am I going to get a copy of that magazine!!!

lesley warrington said...

Will be buying a copy of that magazine for sure! Love your work are so inspiring. Hoping a little of that magic dust will land on me after your workshop next month : )

Cindy Dy said...

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lee woo said...

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