Tuesday, 11 November 2014


I have just returned from a weekend in lovely Leicester teaching
the collagraph technique of Silk Aqua Tint at the Leicester Print Workshop. 
Everyone worked really hard and produced rich atmospheric images.
Silk aqua tint is in my opinion the most sophisticated way to use collagraph. 
The images produced look like tradition mezzo tint or etched aqua tint, but no nasty chemicals are used to achieve these results.
Using mount board as your substrate apply a layer of chiffon to the card.
Thin layers of acrylic or glue are applied to develop a varied tonal range. 
Ink the plates in exactly the same way you would an etching or any other collagraph plate.
Then using viscosity rolls, 
depth and several layers of colour can be printed in one pass through the press.
The LPW is excellently organised and I was shown great hospitality by Sarah Kirby, http://www.sarahkirby.co.uk/ 
I am looking forward to the next workshop I will be running there next Spring.
 I will also be planning a Silk Aqua Tint workshop at The Yard, ARTspace Autumn 2015.

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