Sunday, 26 April 2015


The lovely Mr Brown has not seen much of me the last 3 weekends as I have been out and about teaching workshops.
The lovely and well organised Leicester Print Workshop invited me to run a gum arabic printing/mixed media workshop 3 weekends ago.
All sorts of things went on...and were rubbed off too.
This is beginning to be my signature workshop and is proving to be popular.
Beautiful mixed media artists books were made
over 2 days. Thankyou LPW for your hospitality.
Last weekend found me near Winchester (which has a ferocious one way system if you get in the wrong lane). Performing my Gum arabic workshop for the Guild of Enamellers Conference.
Another well organised weekend with enamellers who have a marvellous sense of humour.
They took on the techniques with gusto and
made beautiful pamphlets.
I took along these enamelled books demonstrating how the techniques could translate into enamel pieces.
Last Wednesday saw the start of the summer term at the yard:ARTspace.
We started with a bang and quick tape plates were made and inked.
2 plate colour printmaking producing soft 
colourful prints.
Then if that wasn't enough I ran a Silk Aquatint workshop this weekend at the yard:ARTspace.
One of my favourite collagraph techniques.
Combined with viscosity inking.
Yet another enthusiastic group, 
producing print 
after lovely
cake and tea.
Lots of beautiful images were made, lots of giggling too. The next workshop is May 16-17 where the focus will be on carborundom and blended rubs as an inking technique. for details and booking.

Before that however, Bank Holiday weekend will find me at Printfest in Ulverston check out for details.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


I have to admit I have a penchant for cutting things out. 
This display shows a rare example of a square collagraph plate. The background rook and dove together with the foreground chickens show my usual shaped plates.
From time to time I can be caught creating a one off collagraph print by paper cutting the background,
as with this halloween commission for Moss Prints Gallery in Cheltenham.
I have recently created a suite of small birds with specifically designed paper cut backgrounds. These are a small edition of 10.
Even my enamel pieces can not escape this treatment, but I do have these pieces etched for me.
So as a serial offender and with a little time on my hands (?) I have subjected King of the Birds to a little hacking and slashing. 
I will show this 1/1 at Art in Action, 16-19 July,

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


I am seized by the urge to it the spring weather or
am I being inspired by the creatures who have moved into my garden?
Their front door faces my shed window, so not only are they my muse but
a constant distraction as I watch them taking in cosy bedding. 
The fact that nature is now sharing our garden
has got me exploring the collection of nesting materials.
Home making is synonymous with sewing and I have been completely 
hooked on this seasons Great British Sewing Bee on television...
So inspired by the Sewing Bee I have started to do some dressmaking after a long break. I love the paraphernalia, patterns, cotton reels, pins and needles. 
 But I have been completely inspired by
Aunty Alice's sewing machine which has moved into the shed.
These drawings are in my A2 sketch book so I am planning large collagraphs.
This is a plan for a very large print and will be A1. Hoping to get this done for Art in Action in July.
I can't quite get away from how our feathered friends share our urban environment.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Friday, 10th April, 10am -1pm, I will be at the Museum in the Park, Stroud.
It is a opportunity to talk to people about the project 
Echoes in Enamel
and give away my enamelling secrets. I will also be running an enamelling workshop on 30th May at the Museum, contact them for booking and details.
The Museum in the Park is a gem in our area and after you have spent a few minutes with me there is lots more to see.