Thursday, 3 December 2015


Can you believe that December 4, 2014 was my last class at Hampen Factory and during the run up to that Christmas, I and lots of lovely chums were doing this..SUE OF THE YARD
I look back at the photographs from this time last year
 and wonder how I got from this
to this?
Well with the help and
commitment of my super friends,
the ones who physically painted and built, who offered exciting workshops and gave me the moral support to keep pursuing the idea of the yard:ARTspace. I could make a long list, but you know who you are and a great big thank you.
Thank you also to the talented people who came and used the yard by coming on courses and workshops, producing some of the most gorgeous work I have seen. Again you will get a taste of the talent from previous blog posts.
The end of term saw lots of experimentation and
gum arabic transfer, done here on beautiful Liberty fabric.

I have lots of exciting stuff planned for next year, sign up for the news letter at the top to stay in touch, check out the website or keep an eye on the yard's facebook page

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Printed Material said...

I know you (rightly) give credit to the larger group around you but the success of the Yard is mainly down to you having the vision and the courage to follow your heart. The success is testimony to your drive and commitment and I think next year will be even better! You rock my friend.