Wednesday, 29 March 2017


The 23 March found me flying around the country, 2 gallery visits and then off to the Nottingham countryside to give a gum arabic transfer workshop at Hope and Elvis.
Here is a glimpse of this creative space while setting up for my workshop. It is host to many a famous textile artist, Julie Arkel, Marna Lunt and Hens Teeth to name but a few.
In preparation I had played with lots of gum arabic transfers on fabric and created cushions, purses, buttons and a doll.
Saturday morning arrived and we were off, transferring images onto paper first.
Inking with oil based ink.
As the day wore on the prints came
 thick and fast.
It was lovely
to see the group experimenting
with all sorts of substrates.
By the end of the day there was a table full of loveliness that can go on to be incorporated into other projects. 
Talking of projects using gum arabic transfer. As part of my Arts Council Funded project for the Museum in the Park, Stroud I have printed onto feathers. Using the museums collection of letters from soldiers to their families during the First World War I created a large hanging installation of feathers for their foyer.
Last Monday found me at the museum installing this printed piece.
With the invaluable help of Carole Conde, with whom I could not have installed everything quite so quickly or beautifully. 
Over 200 feathers were hung at the Museum.
It moves very gently when the door opens and is a poignant reminder of the emotional messages sent from soldiers to their loved ones during the First World War. The installation will be on display to the beginning of June. There is also an opportunity to take part in a heavily subsidised gum arabic transfer workshop on 8 April, contact the museum for details.

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