Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Chemistry met art at the yard:ARTspace this weekend.
Claire Cawte, textile artist, ran an eco print and dying workshop and it was fascinating.
Bags and bundles of vegetation were hauled into the studio,
the colours were marvellous.
Sorting and 
placing was then done. When everything was tied into a tight roll,
it was all popped into the cauldrons to boil away and do it's magical stuff.
Looking a bit like something out of Doctor Who here.
Once out and cool
there is all the anticipation of 
what may have happened within the package.
And wow, the colours and
patterns were spectacular.
Everyone went away with lots of knowledge,
interesting results and
superb scarves. Of course there was a great deal more to it than that...I believe the word mordant was used many times. Thanks to Claire for her generous teaching.

This is the last workshop of the term at the yard:ARTspace, but you can pop in and see the yard, Upper Bath St. Cheltenham, GL50 2BA and see how we can develop your creativity with a workshop or course. 21-23 July is the Summer Exhibition and the yard:ARTspace will be open from 11am to 4pm. Or head over to www.theyardartspace.com for all workshop details, but book early to avoid disappointment.

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Sharmon Davidson said...

Absolutely wonderful results you got there!