Wednesday, 2 August 2017


Term at the yard:ARTspace has finished for the summer, now I have a little bit of time to experiment and make new work.
I have been having fun with fabric using the steel shapes from my enamelled pieces to pop rust patterns into fabric.
Gum arabic transfer images into the cynotypes I made with Lesley and
make a few more, experimenting with chemicals in 
the shed while the sun is out.
I have got time to finish off a couple of
fabric collages.
making them into cushions.

Rusted fabric, free machine embroidery, gum arabic transfer and hand embellished making them functional art, not just cushions.
I also have time to develop some drawings in several sketchbooks.
Shutting myself away with radio 4
experimenting with paint,
ink and bleach, trying hard to put into practice everything I preach.
Looking forward to next week to see what work develops from all this preparation.


Printed Material said...

I knew you'd be seduced by the cyanotype process and this post proves how much you push boundaries and keep developing your work. Isn't it just wonderful to have a break and play? All this rain has put my cyanotype summer projects on hold but I am hoping for a better week next week!

Hazeltwig said...

Fabulous work .... can it really be textile based I wonder?? Enjoy the Summer break and see you in September.