Saturday, 13 June 2020


Two weeks ago I suggested a project to Louise Asher and Liske Johnson...lets get everyone to make a collagraph print to stitch into or an embroidered square and make a quilt to describe what its been like in lock down? Perhaps a few of the people that come to our workshops might join in and send us something? Maybe I will get 30 collagraphs to print, perhaps 50 embroidered squares might roll in? Louise and Liske said, well I don't think our stitchers will tackle a print, I thought my print makers wouldn't tackle a stitched piece. 
How wrong could we have been?
In the last 2 weeks I have printed  over 130, 10x10cm collagraphs onto fabric and they are still coming in the post. 
I have had beautiful notes with the plates. You have worried about will your plate print, it's the first time I have made one of these? Stories explaining the imagery and a big thank you to the nice things you have said about the project.
I have noticed that this technique has suited every ones style, I literally have not had a plate that would not print. From complex imagery,
to humorous and bold visual statements, everything has printed successfully.
It has been a joy to see your stories emerge from the ink as I wipe each plate clean.
But the printing is only half the story. I am relieved that the prints I am returning are arriving to their originators and I am getting them back stitched into. I am thrilled with how beautiful these look with a touch of stitched colour!

Details for the project are here
This however is not the end of the story. 
My postman is a little perplexed by my sudden increase in post over the last fortnight. For those of you who wanted to express yourselves in just stitch I am thrilled to be receiving
these gorgeous embroideries. 
As varied in techniques and materials as the collagraphs, all these personal stories will create the most beautiful quilt and a social document about the extraordinary time  we are living in.
Its not too late to join in!

Details about how to get involved are HERE

A massive thank you to all who have taken part so far, its been a privilege to print your work and it will be amazing to see everything joined together. Thank you also for donating to the project, this will enable us to put the piece together beautifully and be able to afford any exhibition costs that may arise. 
Thank you to Louise and Liske for running with this idea, I think its popularity has taken us all by surprise.

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