Monday, 8 June 2009


3 days into Open Studios at Hampen Factory and much to our relief we have had people come to visit us. In fact our 'Meet the artist' event was very lively and I met lots of friends. I hope a good time was had by all.

Carolyn's mixed media collagraphs have been well received.

Sharon's garden sticks have been popular.

Caroline's sewn narratives have been much admired.

Lesley's ceramic sculptures have caused quite a stir.

I spent the weekend at Hampen Factory with other members of the group happily working in my sketch books. While setting up the show on Thursday we found a baby blue tit, Sharon and I

took lots of photos. Sadly it was found dead on Saturday morning because we had heavy rain on Friday night. So it is immortalised in a couple of my sketch book pieces, and I can feel a

collagraph coming on. I will report how the rest of the week goes, but so far so good!


Jo Horswill said...

All seriously talented artists here Sue, just wonderful to see these images and the work.
Your sketchbook pieces are stunning...poor little bird, you captured his essence beautifully.

Bridget Farmer said...

a great mix of artists. I'm amazed at what can be achieved with collagraph in carolyn's work and I love your sketchbook work too. I always found it difficult to work in a sketchbook, but i love seeing other peoples!