Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I found this piece of deeply etched zinc, a left over workshop example and thought it would be
fun to experiment with viscosity inking and some copper chine collee. Only 3 inches by 3 inches,
with lovely ragged edges. A close up shows how the ink is reacting with the edges and the copper leaf.
Is it my imagination or do the spare bits and pieces that we just muck about with often work better and are more interesting than the pieces we spend days working on?


SCB said...

Hi Sue, what a beautiful piece of plate! I loved your ostrich at the RWA print show, by the way. Regards, Sara

Jo Horswill said...

Hi Sue,
This is a lovely bit of plate :)...colours are wonderful.
I agree, that sometimes very interesting work evolves from experimenting and playing around with bits and pieces. It's spontaneous, just like quick gestural drawing is.

Jill said...

Inspiring blog - I shall be back

stripey stockings said...

Absolutely beautiful! Love the texture and colour