Friday, 27 November 2009


You can't teach old dogs new tricks? Well never too old to learn!! Just when I thought I was settled into a way of working two new techniques come my way, a bit like waiting for a bus really.

First, screen printing. It has changed beyond recognition from when I was first a student, it was smelly toxic and a pain to clear up. Now it is quick and washable with wonderful results.

I have screen printed blue and then print a collagraph plate over the top. It has allowed me to add text simply and the lovely soft splashy marks.

I can also achieve that lovely blue sheen that these birds have.

The biggest revelation for me this week has been enamelling. These are a couple of experimental examples on copper. The cross overs with etching and screen printing are interesting.

I can not explain how it feels to be trying something really new. Thrilled only just covers it!!


Printed Material said...


Absolutely love the enamelled pieces. Have been trying to find out more about the techniques since seeing the enamelled pieces at the RWA Winter Exhibition. Show us more, more, more! Lesleyx

SCB said...

Hi Sue, love the enamel plates! Did you do them at home or at a class? I tried it once at UWE and fell in love with enamelling but haven't been able to do any since... I harbour ambitions to enamel my intaglio plates instead of scoring through to make a cancellation print!

Jo Horswill said...

Hi Sue,

I bet your "thrilled"...these details are really amazing. I love the layering effect too.
Look forward to seeing where you take this...Jo

layers said...

It is always interesting to see and read about your process and new work-- I love the enamel ones.

Bridget Farmer said...

Love love love the blue screenprinting with the collagraph. It looks beautiful, a great effect.

Chatters said...

Wow this is stunning. I'm sure I already commented but maybe it didn't work so will comment again.

Love the screen print and the layered effect with the collagraph over the top stunning work.