Sunday, 31 January 2010


Is it just me or is January a really difficult month to navigate artistically? I have always found it hard to motivate myself after Christmas and in the past the winter blues have stayed with me through to February. I now deal with it in two ways, acknowledging how I feel and half starting things to carry on with after Christmas.
I have at last made the collagraph plates from the drawings I made around December. I intend to make screen prints of strong colour to place behind these two birds.
The plates are made from card, tile cement carborundum and wood glue.
More enamel experiments. I have technical issues with the thinness of the copper, but I quite like the crazing, but I fear it may look like bad enameling to those who know.
I am very excited that it is possible to draw in pencil onto the enamel and fire it on, this opens the way to drawing and writing on to the pieces.
I have also spent a great deal of time deeply etching copper with ferric to work onto with enamel.
I am also exploring screen printed enamel transfers. Using my own photographs, I am working on a series of winter landscapes.
So much to do, so little time.....!!!


aine scannell said...

Sue Hi
Given what you s ay about post christmas blues (aka wintertime blues I think) You seem to be doing pretty well. I certainly can identify with this feeling as I think its what I am up against currently. Love the little collagraph of the birdie.

best wishes


Printed Material said...

Great enamel experiments. Who cares about whether it's good or bad enamelling - it's fab enamelling and that's all that counts! Making your own mark directly into the enamel just opens up so many possibilities. Loved the 'Winter' example.Lesley x

English Vintage said...

Great work, trial and error is by far the best way to go keep it up...S x

Amanda said...

If the crazing speaks to you, then it's "good", in my books. Loving the experimentation.
All the best!

Terresa said...

I love all of these pieces.

Experimenting can be such fun...although I tend to experiment more with words than screen printing & copper.