Friday, 19 February 2010


I have spent the last few months experimenting with screen printing. The last time I worked with this process must be 25 years ago, it has changed beyond recognition from a toxic
messy business to an immediate, fresh, water based system. After experimenting with the
mark making possibilities I have been exploring colours based on 1950's fabrics.


Printed Material said...

I love these screenprints. You have surpassed yourself again. Lesley x

whitney-anne said...

I'm in danger of gushing, having just discovered your blog/work. These are all beautiful.

stitchworks said...

Thanks, I enjoyed reading your blog this afternoon.

teresa stieben said...

great birds, I photograph and do paintings of birds. I used to do etchings but cannot handle the chemicals involved, but I loved the process. I did a few simple collagraphs with students a few years back yet never saw the potential in it that you have acquired. Seeing your work makes me miss printmaking. your bird pieces are fab. I loved the baby blue tit print, most wonderful, you are an inspiration.

SCB said...

Just gorgeous! Wish I could see the show... hope it all goes well, Sara