Monday, 28 February 2011


These enamel crows on steel are 12" tall.
The first 2 using black and white enamel with the edition of transfers are made from one complete
piece of steel. Due to their size they were fired in Elizabeth Turrel's kiln at UWE, I am grateful for her support and advice. I was really over the moon with these 2 crows until I made this one last Friday.

Made in sections so that it fits in the ceramic departments enamel kilns then glued together. I used clear flux instead of white which has given me this lovely soft grey, I am finding this tonal range more satisfying.
Everything is exciting, new and all such an adventure at the moment.


Penny said...

I love these crows and all that you are doing, wish I could do it but nothing near me that would be able to let me.

SKIZO said...

good creations