Monday, 28 February 2011


6 talented artists, 12 months and 6 random books equal an extraordinary altered book project which has now sadly come to an end.

But we all own a wonderful artifact full of treasures.
I launched this project 12 months ago with the challenge...alter a page and send the book on, take 2 months to do the next section and send the book on.
Everyone approached the project in their own style, trying out new things.
Playing and experimenting. Having fun and challenging themselves. The deadlines were strict, but communication allowed for flexibility.
We all have busy lives and this project was out bus mans holiday.
Every other month the postman was anticipated excitedly.
To mark the end of the project we met for tea and cake yesterday to hand over the books in person, except for our book mate in America who was with us in spirit and the gorgeous pages of her contributions to the project. Daunting and stimulating in equal measure.
The project punctuated my year, which has not always been straight forward, with a sparkle of creativity which would otherwise lie dormant.
It has been a joy to share this project with such a lovely group of creative people. Thankyou for my book.


aine scannell said...

Hi there Sue - its always good to receive comments back on one of my blog posts - and yes I know its pot luck whether one gets selected or not for these printmaking biennials etc. I don't take it personally other than a small sense of disappointment ( I am only human after all).
Glad I popped along to your blog as this altered book project of yours is a GREAT idea. I really like it!

By the way whose is that final image in the post with the map and the house popped up on it ?
And the names of the other people work.

Sara Bowen said...

It looks beautiful, Sue! Looks as if you've had loads of fun, too. Sara x

Sharon McSwiney said...

Hi Sue - thanks for including me in the project! I love my's a really interesting way of meeting other artists & creating a unique piece of work. Great cake too! xx

Wendy Rhodes said...

Thank you Sue, for also including me in such a rewarding project. The resulting 'book' is beautiful and intriguing and thought provoking.
The project was as you say daunting at times but hugely rewarding.