Monday, 21 February 2011


I have spent the day in the shed experimenting with my newly acquired enamel grade steel.
The exciting thing is that it does not need sand blasting to degrease it and I may even get away with not grip coating it if the experiment on the right is anything to go by. I really like the look of the burnt metal. I have been playing with black, white and flux. Layering, scratching and stoning back. A little bit of sifted enamel in orange and brown has been added here and there.
Being fairly new to enameling it has been so valuable just to spend an afternoon doodling. The greyness looks so English, I quite like this shabby chic thing though.


Lynn Taylor said...

Fantastic experimenting - love the graphic surfaces and colours.

Printed Material said...

Black and white works for me! How lovely to see your 'notes to self' on the sketchbook page. You are certainly expanding your repertoire of skills! Lesley x

Carrie said...

These look really intriguing. I personally love working in monochrome, i find it helps me to concentrate on contrast, and mark making.