Tuesday, 8 February 2011


I have had some very exciting news, I have been selected to show at Printfest. This is an exhibition of printmaking in Ulverston, Cumbria, Saturday 31st April to 1st May,www.printfest.org.uk for more details.
It has put me in a bit of a panic as I have been neglecting my editioning duties and stocks of work have got a bit low.
So this weekend I rolled my sleeves up and set too. I now have available supplies of Two Winter Birds and Three Winter Birds.
Maran II
Light Sussex
and Guinea Fowl

Three Coots is a new image in my portfolio,

so is Mute Swan. They are all collagraphs, tile cement, card and wood glue are some of the materials used to make the plates. But after this weekend I can safely say that my career as a nail model is well and truly over!


Carrie said...

Really love the hens and the swan - two of my favourite birds. They have such character.

Ghislaine BRUNO said...

Good news ! Your winter birds are lovely.

Sara Bowen said...

I wish I was going to Printfest! Your images are lovely and I'm sure they'll be snapped up... intriguing reference to being a nail model slipped in there, by the way! I love all the strange and wonderful things artists do/have done before they were artists or to keep their artistic careers afloat... there must be a book in there somewhere. Sara x

Are you curious about me? said...

Who needs nail art.... I'd rather have one of your prints anyday..

I'm sure that you must be exhausted, so much work in a weekend.. Amazing...Love the Coots and the Guinea Foul.

cat said...

You're prints are really wonderful!