Sunday, 4 December 2011


A number of experimental enamelling techniques are gelling together

for me in these steel labels. Sgraffito drawing into wet enamel and screen printed transfers. Etched copper fired with clear flux to achieve these warm red tones.

These are then riveted onto the labels.

The transfers are from photographs I have taken at the Grant Zoological Museum at UCL and

the Oxford Natural History Museum. I am also starting to include lustre to get the iridescence found on beetles, but the photos do not show the twinkle.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

These are spectacular!

Sharmon Davidson said...

I like these very much! Is there any chance you'd do a step-by-step tutorial? Or, maybe just a bit of explanation- I'm dying to know what techniques were used here.

Caroline said...

I love the lacy moths and the stag beetle, ooh and the one with lots of beetles. I can imagine the iridescence. All are stunning!

Printed Material said...

Now those etched copper moths could easily find a home here!These really work so well. It's a rich seam of work Sue. x PS So you've made your Christmas cards eh? Nobody likes a show off!

Jill said...

I love following the progress of your sketchbook pages to enamel.patel

Patricia G said...

They are beautiful. Your artwork really suits these materials. I hope I will get to see your work for real one day.