Monday, 12 December 2011


I am starting get into the festive mood and have begun to decorate here and there starting with the mantle piece.

When the sun shone through the windows this morning the decorations took on a life of their own throwing rainbows,

reflections and shadows.

Of course I have a great deal of spare time and Christmas pushes my creativity

into overdrive, so I can't help but experiment with bits of steel and enamel

and have made these broaches just to see if I could. The faces are enamelled using a stamp I have had for years, the legs swing...all very silly, but great fun to make.


Printed Material said...

I have a number of issues with this post : No 1- SUN!! when was that and why haven't we had any? No 2- Spare Time!! You must be joking Superwoman and No 3- those brooches are to die for. Be careful you haven't developed a range of something that could fly off the shelves.. I want one and I suspect there could be a queue forming behind me. xx

Jill said...

Beautiful wintery shadows adding to the decorations - and like Lesley I think those brooches are just out of this world.

Wendy Rhodes said...

What do you mean spare time? have you discovered the secret to not needing sleep??!
Seriously I don't know ow you do it, they're all beautiful.