Monday, 19 December 2011


As you can see I am in the middle of decking the halls.
The tree is now up and covered in my favourite vintage baubles.

With everything still to do for Christmas, I am well behind on the mince pie production, I can't seem to stop making these enamel brooches!!

I think it must be a displacement activity?


A rambling rose said...

I love mince pies but I certainly think the displacement activity is worthwhile - such fun!! Happy Christmas

Are you curious about me? said...

Think on the positive side, making the broaches keeps you thin...RESULT! If you were making the pies, you'd eat maybe one or two... Or three!

Sue, where have you got them up for sale? I might be able to add one to my/husbands christmas list..

Happy Christmas, one of these days I will manage to get to one of your amazing courses ~ Julie

dinahmow said...

Hahaha. You could hang them (the brooches) on your tree.

Printed Material said...

Knowing you, I suspect you are making the mince pies with one hand and the brooches with the other... and I think I would describe you as 'focussed' rather than obsessive!BTW Thanks for the card - spoons last year, forks this year, are the knives out for next year?