Thursday, 21 June 2012


So in fear of thinking too much I have spent the day drawing.
 Pre prepared sketch book pages mean I do not have white page fear.
 Drawing with white acrylic then washing ink on top leads to happy accidents.
 Gold and pewter ink adds twinkle and iridescence.
Ideas are beginning to bubble through with the act of drawing, if I sit and think anxiety is my reward, sit and draw and all is right with the world.

How does drawing make you feel?

Monday, 18 June 2012


It's never too late to experiment with new processes and on the last studio day at UWE I got to grips with raku enamel.
 It had all the elements that gets the blood rushing, spontaneity,experimentation and FIRE!!
 And out of the ashes comes the most exquisite iridescence.
 It is hard to show photographically the wonderful effects that can be created by this process,
 but I think that it is just possible to see the metallic glimmers of gold, pearl
 and petrol blue.
Ideal for a bit of a beetle. Etched copper, pocket watch case and brooch pin...nice!

Saturday, 9 June 2012


For everyone who can not get to Bristol between 08 and 14 June here is my MA assessment exhibition in Multi- Disciplinary Printmaking. This is the culmination of 3 years study at UWE.
The work is about our contradictory relationship with the insect world, I am describing the fascination we have for museum exhibits and the study of these creatures, yet we do not necessarily have an easy relationship with creepy crawlies when they enter our personal environment. The element you are missing here is the sound of flying insects being played through the head phones next to the light bulb piece adding a flesh crawling atmosphere to the work. All the pieces are made from enamelled steel and copper.

I could not have made this work in isolation, thankyou to Rachel Davis for 3 years of support and ideas swapping. The fabrication department at UWE for encouraging me to work with metal and solve construction dilemmas. David Julyan who made the sound track to my show giving it an extra dimension. Lesley Crawley who has been my secret research weapon and encouraged me along the way. Jane Bromham who has helped with all my computer related problems. Caroline McCatty who has been a long distance sounding board and source of encouragement and all my other friends who have had to put up with me banging on about the MA. Holly Brown for more long distance encouragement and sorting out the odd theoretical issue and last but not least, Rob, Jack and Toby who have put up with 3 years of domestic chaos and encouraged me every step of the way.

Friday, 1 June 2012


                                                So here is my space
and here are my shelves and as I type the contents of both are being assessed for an MA in Multi Disciplinary Printmaking at the Uuniversity of the West of England.

The private view is on Friday 8 June, 6-9pm and the exhibition continues to the 14 June, at Bower Ashton Campus. Bristol B53 2JT see for opening times. I will be there for the PV, Saturday morning, Sunday and Tuesday. My fellow course mates have made a fabulous exhibition, it is well worth coming to see.
Hope to see you there?