Monday, 22 October 2012


In between making my own work I enjoy showing others how to get the best out of printmaking. I have just come back from a lovely weekend facilitating a Monoprint workshop for the Twenty Twenty Gallery in Much Wenlock.
Mono printing is accessible and produces exciting and unexpected results using simple easily obtained materials. Wall paper,cereal box card and found bits and pieces.
These are all quick demonstration examples.
But with more time spent layering and over printing rich juicy compositions can be made.
The weekend was spent playing with viscosity inked mono printing, this image was printed in one pull through the press.
Then images can be strengthened by over printing with card shapes.

There can even be interesting things left on the rollers.
The Twenty Twenty Gallery has planned a series of  workshops for 2013 if you are in the Shropshire area and is a lovely place to have a weekend break. I also have workshops planned at Hampen Factory, Gloucestershire for the end October, November and December and a new course schedule for 2013. The Cotswolds are beautiful too.


Gill said...

Sue I've never heard of the Hampen factory! I googled them but their website is way out of date - do you have details please??

Sue Brown said...

Sorry, but the Hampen Factory web sight is in the process of being updated. Do conntact me directly for course details. X Sue