Monday, 22 October 2012


I have been invited to show my enamel books as part of a Printmaking exhibition in Cheltenham.
The gallery is the Parabola Arts Centre,
A lovely spacious venue allowing plenty of room to view the work from both sides.
The exhibition is on until 27th October.


Caroline said...

Lovely to see these in an exhibition, such beautiful pieces!

Printed Material said...

The books are wonderful Sue, all my favourite imagery combined in one place. Loved the monoprints in the previous post too. I have not done any of that for a while and those bright colour combinations make me want to prise open the ink canisters!!

ArtPropelled said...

I would LOVE to see these in person.

Linda Nevill said...

These books look brilliant!
I saw some of your spoons at
Twenty Twenty a while ago
and hope to see more of your work,
in person, before too long.

Sharon BTEC Art said...

Your work is unique and stunning and so inspirational. I'm getting back to my printmaking roots and loving every minute of it!

Sharmon Davidson said...

congratulations, Sue! these books are fantastically inspirational; I'd love to just stare at them all day.