Friday, 2 November 2012


I have been invited to create a public art piece in enamel for the Bath Road in Cheltenham. This is the calm before the storm, my studio is set up to do the full scale drawing for the commission.
After the initial flattery I now have that, oh my goodness, how big?! feeling. Yes, seven and a half feet by three and a half fills the wall of my studio.
It will be a lovely thing to do as I live around the corner from the Bath Road and am part of this community. Cheltenham Connect and the Bath Road Traders Association want a piece of work commemorating the economic history of the road.  
There are businesses trading here that have been in the road for 200 years. I want to celebrate that constancy, rare in our fast moving age.
The Bath Road is full of independent traders and still looks like the original high street from my childhood.
A daunting project, but I am looking forward to working with a UWE college Rachel Davis and will be given a great deal of technical support from John at Hy-Tech Enamellers 
So into the breech of public art I hearing the intake of breath from those of you who have embarked on this sort of project?


Printed Material said...

I love that picture of you leaning against the wall old chum.Are you holding on for dear life? Nothing to fear though as this looks great. Just imagine driving or walking past your own work every day? What a thrill.

Jill said...

How fantastic - An enamel sign commemorating traditional traders using a traditional form of advertising. Looking forward to following your progress.

Wendy Rhodes said...

Congratulations!.. and good luck with all this work. The design looks great, it will be a fantastic addition to the street, which the traders and the shoppers will love.

Wendy Rhodes said...

PS. There is a rather handsome Pelican getting in on the act in your first photo. He looks wonderful!

Sharmon Davidson said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful project and way to connect with your community. I hope you will keep us updated on as it progresses.