Friday, 18 January 2013


I have been having a bit of a play inspired by an email I got from Pat Johnson from the BSOE.
There is a call for entries to artists and makers for The Button Project in Macclesfield.
I love buttons and the idea of an exhibition about buttons in June sounds fantastic. It will be in the Macclesfield Silk Museum as part of the Barnaby Festival. 
So what would be more appropriate than moth buttons for a silk museum?
I can't wait to see this exhibition, June seems such a long way away as the snow falls outside.


Wendy Rhodes said...

I love these buttons, they would look great on a heavy winter coat, perfect for the snowy weather!

Caroline said...

Ooooh I love these buttons too! I love them and I would have them on ivory silk chiffon with interesting draping and probably some supportive under-structure. It's a bit warmer here.

Sue Brown said...

I would love that silk dress, but I need that supportive under structure!!

Anne B said...

I love these! Great news about the button festival - right up my street.