Sunday, 20 January 2013


The snow stopped play this weekend as I was due to run a sketch book workshop at Hampen. Rather than risk everyone travelling I have postponed it to March.
So I have spent the weekend experimenting in my icicle edged shed.
These experiments in enamel are still like sketch book pages,
not quite resolved,
a bit rough around the edges. But I am pleased with the iridescence I am achieving with the raku fired copper and the success rate with firing on the digital transfers.
I have decided to experiment with backgrounds for the Ladies and Gentlemen,
then popped into a frame, adds an extra dimension.


Wendy Rhodes said...

A highly constructive weekend! Your Ladies and Gentlemen look very much at home in their frames x

Caroline said...

All are perfect! Fabulous experiments with wonderful results. I love the raku copper, so glad it snowed.