Tuesday, 5 March 2013


I have been experimenting with enamel again while exploring the theme of Lost Relatives.
The label shape gives me a sense of freedom, I feel like I am making samples not pictures.
If one goes wrong I have not wasted a huge amount of time or materials, so I take more risks.
These pieces are all on enamel grade steel using a combination of wet and sifted enamels, digital and screen printed transfers, with bits and bobs sewn on.


Printed Material said...

Getting more and more into this I see. I like the button additions and I picked up a book today that I think would provide you with some interesting imagery (copyright free!)for this theme. Will pass it on when I see you.

Wendy Rhodes said...

This is looking exciting, the last one looks as though there's the beginnings of a sightly different take on the theme, room for further development?

Sue Boggon said...

I love the mixture of images , textures and artefacts. You are so prolific do you dream your ideas!