Friday, 22 February 2013


What a difference a couple of days can make, faces, wings crowns and shoes are on,
all I have to do now is attach the legs and pins.
In between all this brooch related activity I have been preparing my substrates for a new project. The lovely man who looks after my 2CV allowed me into his workshop yesterday to cut metal on his guillotine
and use his metal roller to shape these cow parsley sections...all for the price of a lemon drizzle cake.
How many of you hear me shout, 'I will never make jewellery', I do make the odd set of earrings for personal consumption and nothing is more odd than this pair of surreal inspired drops.
There has to be fun, in fact it is all fun!!


Caroline said...

Can I have a cow parsley crown to wear with my moth button dress? Your work is AMAZING Sue!

Printed Material said...

What drugs are you on? Do you ever stop? Only you could make a pair of earrings with big noses on. What about a red pair for Comic Relief? As for those cow parsley crowns.... just amazing. xx

Wendy Rhodes said...

You've been so busy. I love the idea of bartering the metal cutter for cake - something sweet and light for something heavy and brutal, an inspired irony.