Monday, 13 May 2013


Lost relatives is a relevant theme for me at the moment.  
I am enjoying creating fantasy narratives around these images. 
Some lend themselves to obvious visual hooks.
My grandfather as a boy, lost because he died decades before I was born.
Is this a long lost aunt, I found her image in my fathers photograph album and will never have the chance to find out who she is.
I am thrilled with how well these etched steel labels enamel.
Did I notice that the cut outs look like an extension of her dress?
Does my father look like my children at the same age? Lost 30 years ago, but continuing as part of the next generation.
This work could easily become mawkish, but it is sad that these faces should be hidden from view and who knows someone might recognise who they are.
Found relatives, now there's a theme!


Miek said...

Just great!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Wendy Rhodes said...

These are beautiful, the messages in these pieces are really coming together well. I think you've cracked it with the cut out areas on the last 4 enamels, can't wait to see more of these.

Printed Material said...

Can only agree with what Wnedy has already said. The controlled etching is beautiful, as is that picture of your father. What a darling he looked!

Jen Crossley said...

OMG I so love these Sue sensational